2006 Year in Review

For those who haven’t seen this before, every new year I take some time to reflect on the past year and take note of some of the major things that happened. I do this for several reasons:1) To keep a list for myself of things worth remembering2) As sort of a “Christmas letter” to people I care about3) To give myself perspective on my accomplishments and short comings to be learned fromI must say, when it all comes down to it, it’s been a really good year. A lot of things have happened, I’ve made a lot of new friends, took some losses and learned some lessons. In the end, I think I’m ready for 2007.-Ended a relationship-Won $1000 at the Roulette Table in AC…then lost $900 at the Roulette Table     -Important life lesson learned :)-Picked up an Engineering Entrepreneurship minor and a Global IT track in my major-Became Vice President of one student organization and Secretary of another-Wisdom teeth removed-Got “athletic asthma” during finals week (Imagine walking ten feet and you’re out of breathe….not good.)-Learned to drive stick and took ownership of my sisters old 92 civic-Did some free-climbing and dragged a tree through the woods-Shook hands with Marc Hansen (Retired President of Lockheed Martin M&DS)-Got driven home from a bar in the Peanut mobile-Got a job offer from Lockheed Martin and was accepted into the ELDP Program-Realized that I’m going to grad school while working-Got in the Best Shape of my life (Hellz yea!! I’m gunna wrestle a bear next!!)-Purchased a camelbak-Was named Lockheed Martin 2006 Summer Intern “Best Dressed”-My Father Retired-Got shot in the ass with a BB Gun…then shot my brother in ass with a BB Gun-Brother got married-Swore off alcohol-Shook hands with Bill Schreyer (Retired CEO of Merrill Lynch)-Went as Iron Man for Halloween-Shook hands with Mike Laphen (COO of Computer Sciences Corporation)-Finished my last Gen-Ed for collegeOn the docket for 2007:-Graduation from College-Skydiving-Moving into a place near King of Prussia-Starting work with Lockheed-Starting Graduate schoolwork-Buying cool toys for post-college living (Nice TV, Wii, Desktop PC (Prob. Apple), etc.)-And who knows what else!!!

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