2007 Year in Review

I decided to continue the tradition of writing up a year in review document. I really feel that it gives me a good reflection on my life.

So here we go. 2007 in a nutshell: (in general order)

Took a snowboarding class (got an A)
went ice fishing
drove a 3 wheeler on a frozen lake
Bought a wii
Started dating again (after a year off)
Went sky diving
ran from Penn State’s campus to the top of Mt. Nittany and back (took breaks for lunch and photos. Took 4 hours total)
Graduated from college
Started work at Lockheed
Applied to grad school a week before classes started and was accepted (was not exactly planning on grad school)
Took my first grad class and survived
working 40 hours a week
10 hours of driving
5 hours of grad school (busy busy)
bought a car
Found out I’m going to be an uncle
bought a laptop
Got a passport (not going anywhere yet, but getting ready)

Made some new friends.
Lost some old ones.
Made some mistakes.
accomplished some things too.
It’s been a good year. A lot of journeys ended and new ones begun.
All in all. I think I’m happy with it. There are definitely some things that I wish had turned out differently. But thats life. Just going to be positive and work to make 2008 another year of accomplishment and value. Speaking of…

Plans for 2008:

For certain:
Atlantic City in January
Colorado and Vegas in July
More work
More Grad school
Buying a house
New Cell Phone

trip outside the US (not sure where yet. But I don’t really care; Ideas?)
South Dakota

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