2011 Year in Review

For those who haven’t seen this before, every new year I take some time to reflect on the past year and take note of some of the major things that happened. I do this for several reasons:
1) To keep a list for myself of things worth remembering
2) As sort of a “Christmas letter” to people I care about
3) To give myself perspective on my accomplishments and short comings to be learned from´╗┐

Plans for 2011: (based on last years predictions)
  • Promotion
  • Moving down to MD permanently
  • Graduating from Grad school
  • Rugby World Cup in NZ
I accomplished everything I thought I would!!

2011 detailed (in general order)
  • Moved back to the Philly area
  • Spent a lot of time driving back and forth between PA/MD to visit Judy
  • Traveled 7 states in 48 hours
    • Visit to Boston with a Sam Adams brewery tour
    • Snow shoeing and hiking in Maine
    • Bed & breakfast
    • Got to spend a day doing work from MIT (A friend let me in :)
  • Due to a bad traffic accident on I-95, I had to rare priviledge to drive northbound on the southbound lanes.
  • Spent a LOT of time planning for the New Zealand trip. 
  • Business trip to Texas and got stuck on the runway for several hours.
  • Mini-vacation at a lake house in northern Maryland.
  • Cancelled my cell phone plan and ran my entire life off of VOIP. (blog post to come)
    • Learned how to open up and fix a dying iPhone.
  • Finished my graduate degree in computer engineering
  • Moved to Maryland
  • New job with promotion!! (Done with the whole rotational thing.)
  • Warrior Dash with Judy
  • Lost 20lbs (the end of my grad-school weight gain!)
  • Survived the great northeast earthquake of 2011
  • Rugby World Cup in New Zealand!
    • Drove 500+ miles with a stick shift on the opposite side of the vehicle. (confident I can now drive anything)
    • Kayaking in Bay of Islands and Milford Sound
    • Bungee jumping in Queenstown. (My first time and on the bridge where bungee was invented)
    • 3 rugby matches
    • Underground cave tubing
    • flat tire on a rainy mountain road with no cell service
    • Lots of food, culture and amazing views.
  • Visited the Cryptography museum
  • Nephew was born (I’m the godfather!)
Plans for 2012
  • A more low key foreign trip to recover from NZ (Maybe Canada or Mexico)
  • I’ve got a couple of possible “big” plans potentially slated for this year. 
    • Not going to broadcast, but I’ll be honest at the end of the year and say if I missed one or more of them.
  • Couple of weddings to attend
  • Spending more time on project stuff

This year was definitely a year of changes. (Moving twice, finishing school, New Zealand, new job, etc.) I consider it the closing of another chapter in my life as I have achieved some higher certification and am now well grounded in my career. 

2012 is likely to be the year I start to organize and plan my personal growth journey for the next few years. I’m starting with a clean slate now and will have the time and freedom to explore where I might want my path to lead.


Maine gets cold in winter, especially at the top of a mountain.

Hanging out in the middle of I-95. “Going….nowhere”

My new cell phone

Lakeside in norther MD for a weekend

We did plenty of outdoor stuff this year

Warrior Dash

Me looking out at the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

Judy in the Bay of Islands

Milford Sound in Southern New Zealand

Our two traveling companions at Milford Sound

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