2012 Year in Review

For those who haven’t seen this before, every new year I take some time to reflect on the past year and take note of some of the major things that happened. I do this for several reasons:1) To keep a list for myself of things worth remembering2) As sort of a “Christmas letter” to people I care about3) To give myself perspective on my accomplishments and short comings to be learned fromPlans for 2012: (based on last years predictions)A more low key foreign trip to recover from NZ (Maybe Canada or Mexico)I’ve got a couple of possible “big” plans potentially slated for this year. Not going to broadcast, but I’ll be honest at the end of the year and say if I missed one or more of them.Couple of weddings to attendSpending more time on project stuff2012 detailed (in general order)Played Rugby in the Spring3D modeled and printed a replacement part for Judy’s cat feeder.Florida trip (kayaking, Dali museum, Sailing lesson, Paddle boarding, Disney)Completed a Hadoop certification course.Took a metalworking class. (Learned soldering, annealing, and other interesting skills.)Moved in with Judy (began researching, designing, and 3D modeling an engagement ring behind her back)Built a tabletop for my foosball table and my brother got me a dart board. (The man cave is coming along nicely)Started a new blog, posting 7 new articles. (You’re looking at one of them!)Made energy efficient improvements to Judy’s house (among many other improvements)Worked out a lot - started running/lifting 6 days a week in the early mornings as of early AugustBegan experimenting with a meat smoker.Proposed to +Judy Hsu (We’re engaged!! I almost built the ring completely myself. But I needed help from a friend.)Bought a new camera. (water proof, crush proof, freeze proof. Basically, a digital camera to keep up with Judy and I)Road trip to Canada (Hershey park, Penn State, glass museum, Niagara Falls, kayaking Toronto, camping, wineries, hiking, etc.)Moved my project stuff to the mornings as well (Getting to work late/staying late. But when I come home, I’m done-done)Began wedding planning. (A LOT of time and effort)Home improvements to prepare for refinance (The house now feels very “warm”)Backed my first Kickstarter project and am now the owner of a “smart watch”.New job! I’m now writing code for visualizations. Very cool and new technology leveraging various JavaScript libraries.New Cell Phone. (I know, I know. I finally ended my little crazy experiment)Broke my nose playing Rugby.Got a new car! (Finally got rid of the aging Camry. And I know, I got a “pious”, but my hour long commute is expensive.)Now have a Maryland driver’s license. (I officially live here now)SummarySo last year I said:           "…2012 is likely to be the year I start to organize and plan my personal growth journey for the next few years…"I think it’s safe to say I accomplished that this year. I spent a lot of time trying to simplify my life and started asking myself what are the important things that I want to put my time and energy into. I did a lot of learning, exploring, and growing this year as well, and definitely feel like I’m ready to take that next step in my life with my fiancee Judy.I didn’t get “everything” on my list done however. One of my big (and secret) plans that I mentioned last year didn’t happen, but it was a strategic decision more than anything else. 2013 might see that task finally completed, but I also expect to take another metalworking class, design (and maybe) build the wedding bands for Judy and I, and of course get married in the Fall. We’ll see what we decide for the honeymoon. Perhaps we’ll go to Italy or some other interesting foreign location. Either way, I’m really excited about 2013 and can’t wait to dig into it!!Happy holidays,EdPicturesThe part I 3D modeled and printed.Florida tripA ring I made as part of the metalworking classThe man cave started coming together this year.Energy efficiency improvementsPlaying with the new meat smoker/grillProposing to Judy on Old Rag Mt.She said yes!!Hershey ParkNiagara Falls in CanadaFunny store in Toronto, ONCool photo I took of Toronto while hikingFunny video from us camping in 1000 islands.While hiking in the White MountainsMy new smart watch</2012>

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