When life gives you sequestration...make lemonade

In the coming months, the frequency of my blog posts will likely slow as I have decided to leave my employer and move to NYC as I begin work for a tech start-up called Socure.

Before signing off, I will share a few thoughts I have had as I reflect on this life event…I must say, I owe a lot to Lockheed Martin.My father was heritage GE Aerospace. I remember being 6 years old and attending a Christmas party at the King of Prussia facility. I remember moving to Bucks County PA because of his work and hearing the words “Martin Marietta” at the dinner table. Little did I know that when I chose to major in IST at Penn State, I would later compete for an internship at Lockheed because Marc Hansen had a hand in the creation of that major.And while interning and working in the same exact room my father had worked in 20 years before, I would then be offered to join the company in it’s Engineering Leadership Development Program.I would enter my senior year of college with a job in hand. A job that was going to pay for my master’s degree and provide me the opportunity to work on 12 different projects at 5 work locations in 3 states.And while working on one of those projects, I would meet a wonderful engineer whom I would later ask to marry me.Yes…I owe a lot to Lockheed. Almost every stage of my life has been impacted by that company.//insert “Time of your Life” Green Day song hereHowever, like a child eager to move out of his parents house, I have longed for the opportunity to strike out on my own and test my skills with a nimble and agile start-up company. Hearing rumors that sequestration may soon hit my current program angered and scared me at first, but I quickly resolved to turn it into the catalyst I needed to make that leap of faith.Sequestration handed me lemons, so I am going to make lemonade…

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