VR Reading Room

Initial development started May 2020

What is it

A better way to read books for those times when the real world is too distracting.

Code can be found on github

Current Capability

You can load the experience into Google Cardboard on android and toggle the color of a cube if you look and click on it. (Baby steps!) Godot VR first steps


(currently none)

Abandoned Ideas

(currently none)


Reading books with a small child around can make it difficult to get your imagination lost in a book. I would listen to classical music with earbuds which would help a lot, but thought about how to take things further.

I remembered some of the mixed reality R&D I did years before and so the idea of using VR/AR to aid ones imagination while reading excited me. I did a bit of googling and quickly found others who built similar VR/AR experiences (so I wasn’t crazy).

But none of them had implemented my crazier ideas, probably because VR headsets were just now adding the tools needed to make them a reality. I had been wanting to create a compelling VR experience for a while and this felt like the right idea at the right timing.


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