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30 January 2013 /
Lately I’ve been thinking about my current general philosophy on how to approach the code I work on each day…When I’ve solved a hard problem (or have a design for a solution in mind), I ask myself the following questions:1) Would a slightly more junior developer understand the code I just wrote? …See the genius behind the design I just implemented? …Understand why I wrote it the way I did?2) If (or rather when) there is a bug with the code, would a slightly more junior developer understand how to debug this code?
31 August 2012 /
grep is a great little command and probably the first “advanced” command most people learn when first exposed to shell scripting. But what do you do when you need to regularly search a LARGE file system that takes a normal grep command minutes (hours?) to traverse? Even worse, what if that file system has user data mixed in with developer code as well as svn repositories, archive folders and all sorts of other nonsense that returns loads of false positives for even the most targeted, code specific grep you can do?