Streaming on Twitch

Trying to work more in the public

TL/DR Streaming Here Wednesday’s from 12-2PM Eastern

Honing my ability to execute at speed as an engineer has been something I’ve focused on for a long time now. But I’ve has less practice at the human side things. (Coaching engineers, mentoring non-technical founders, marketing, sales, etc)

Working with ThinkNimble for the last 2 years has helped me to further develop these skills as I build and launch startups for non-technical founders.

As I developed my voice and codified my experience/wisdom, I noticed I was repeating myself many times to clients, so I began to slowly record and publish my thoughts.

Below are a few examples.

The danger of launching with a lot of features:

What is iterative development:

A better approach to asking “How long with this take?”(YouTube)

Streaming on Twitch:

Working on my startup ideas and other projects in public is one way I can slowly do marketing for my ideas as I bring them to life. (Waiting for something to be done to sell/market it is never a good idea)

I’ve done a couple of test streams already, but will begin streaming more regularly now.

My hope is every Wednesday from 12-2PM Eastern, but my schedule has been difficult lately.

Topics I expect to cover:

  • Startup
    • Wisdom for Engineering Entrepreneurs and Introverted Inventors
    • Progress on my own startup side projects
  • Game Development (Godot)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Arduino projects
  • 3D Modeling
    • dynamic video
    • Creating game assets in Blender
    • Scripting Blender in Python
  • Gaming
    • Kerbal Space Program
    • Puzzle Games
    • Indie Games
  • Home Automation
    • Home Assistant
    • Clean Tech and energy efficiency
    • (leveraging my Raspberry Pi and Arduino skills)
  • Other Python Projects
    • Tesseract OCR
    • ChatGPT API
    • Github API
    • SkipAlpha
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