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06 Jul 2018 / thoughts

Life got in the way of blogging, but I never stopped working on projects. So this site is going to focus more on projects, with the occasional blog post sprinkled in.

23 Dec 2013 / thoughts
28 Sep 2013

In the middle of wedding planning, I quit my safe government contractor job in MD for a pay-cut and higher rent in NYC. All for the opportunity to work with an exciting tech startup trying to solve a really hard problem.

27 Apr 2013 / thoughts
11 Apr 2013 / thoughts
02 Mar 2013 / thoughts

This post is the first of what will be a series of explorations into data visualization. I will dive quickly and deeply to lay the foundation as most of this can be found easily on the web.

16 Feb 2013
A few days ago I posted about mitigating complex code issues and introduced my opinion that commenting should be viewed as a last resort. That post kicked up some discussion on Facebook with some of my friends: “Documentation and commenting is still important” -Close friend from college “I think it can be important, but I would much rather see time invested in writing better code and hiring more talented developers.”
30 Jan 2013
Lately I’ve been thinking about my current general philosophy on how to approach the code I work on each day… When I’ve solved a hard problem (or have a design for a solution in mind), I ask myself the following questions: 1) Would a slightly more junior developer understand the code I just wrote?            …See the genius behind the design I just implemented?                 …Understand why I wrote it the way I did?
29 Dec 2012
For those who haven’t seen this before, every new year I take some time to reflect on the past year and take note of some of the major things that happened. I do this for several reasons: 1) To keep a list for myself of things worth remembering2) As sort of a “Christmas letter” to people I care about3) To give myself perspective on my accomplishments and short comings to be learned from´╗┐Plans for 2012: (based on last years predictions)A more low key foreign trip to recover from NZ (Maybe Canada or Mexico)I’ve got a couple of possible “big” plans potentially slated for this year.
30 Nov 2012
Below is some code I wrote a while ago for an application that had been written in Perl. I was in a situation where I had to track dependencies on user actions. As an example: This action…Can NOT be completed before these actionsaction_4action_1, action_2, action_3action_3action_2action_2action_1 But of course I wanted to give the user the power to specify any action they wanted. (including a list of actions) So, if the code was told to do ‘action_4’, it would look that action up, see that actions 1, 2, and 3 needed to be completed first, and then do them.